The Origin

The story of Indian handicrafts dates back to 5000 years. In the 15th century weaving was livelihood for many and played an important role in the absence of textiles and machines. Kabir, a weaver by occupation and also a famous Indian poet blends the fine art of weaving with his poetry. "I weave your name on the loom of my mind, to make my garment when you come to me. My loom has ten thousand threads to make my garment when you come to me...... And to comb the twists and knots of my thoughts".

Haat & Handicrafts

Haat is a weekly open-air market held in most villages across India and a delightful synthesis of craft, food and cultural activities. The wares display local taste and demand. A visit to one such Haat is enrichment in more ways than one. Striking bright colors accentuate the spirit of the place. Clay dolls, images of Gods and Goddesses, metal dokra, reed boxes, bags, apparels, plaques, paintings and several knick knacks - all handcrafted make for a visual treat.


In the milieu of e-retail, Indian Ethnocrafts steps in as a niche player. The focus is on developing the skills of artisans with inputs on trends and continuous innovation. In an age of automated production we aspire to create a World which wraps you in timeless aesthetics. Let the hands speak their own special language of ‘Exclusivity by Design'. We invite you to be part of our mission and share your ideas and suggestions. The Craftsmen are our assets.


Indian Ethnocrafts is a result of artisanal inspiration. The past decade has been a close encounter with the artisans whose rustic simplicity and honest work coupled with the immense talent fired our mission. Bringing their work to the world at large was facilitated by technology taking wings. That is where our journey began. We present here the “Soul of India” - collection of colorful and aesthetically hand crafted products. We aspire to innovate, hone and potentiate the vast talent of these artisans by providing them with a platform to showcase and unveil their creations.


To be the most preferred online store with myriad collection of hand crafted products. Innovating and developing skills of the craftsmen through training. Making the artisans dreams of a sustainable livelihood by keeping alive their passion.